The road to becoming an Airbnb Superhost

3 October 2018 • Host News

So you’ve take the leap into the world of being an Airbnb host for your short term let and it’s going great. Then someone mentions the mythical term ‘Superhost’ to you and you wonder could I be one of those and what does it take? Well yes, you can, and here’s how you get there. The Airbnb Superhost programme has some 400,000 short let host members and gets you better rates (22% better according to Airbnb), increased property listing visibility and a variety of other perks. Sounds good - so where do I start? Well it’s all about meeting the following criteria:

  • Highly rated - having an overall rating of 4.8 + for each of your short term let properties
  • Being Responsive - Respond to your guests within 24 hours at least 90% of the time
  • Activity - Host at least 10 stays per year
  • Reliability - 0 cancellations for accepted bookings So now you know what’s involved but do I actually get there? Have a look at our guide to help you along the way.

Offer Amazing Guest Experiences

This sounds obvious right? Well it’s not always easy, guests are demanding (and rightly so) and are looking for great experiences from the moment they book with you. This means getting the basics right (smooth check-in / spotlessly clean home / comprehensive home guide) as well as offering that little bit extra. Examples include offering a up to minute local guide as well as additional services and experiences that make your guests’ stay extra special.

Focus on pre-arrival and check-in

This is your first chance to wow your guests and giving them a smooth, user friendly experience will take the stress out of the arrival process. Easy to understand step by step checkin guides and clear directions will help you get off on the front foot to reaching that elusive 5 star review for your Airbnb listing.

Tell them about the hotspots in your area with a local guide

You know that your local area is amazing but your guests don’t. The majority will rely on the same old city guides that will miss the local gems that only you know about. Put together an up to the minute local guide so your guests can discover how truly awesome their stay could be. If they are having a good time, they will come back and you’re sure to secure that blisteringly good public review.

Don’t leave your guest’s hanging!

Nobody likes that burning question being left unanswered so be responsive and help your guests get the support they need during their stay. A comprehensive home guide can go some way to providing answers to the most common questions - late night messages about how the dishwasher works is not something that you need in your life! Start supercharging your hosting skills and get on the road to becoming a Superhost by checking out our short let host features where you will be able to discover more about GuestHug’s powerful suite of host-led tools. Not only will you enhance your Guests’ experience but you will reduce and sometimes remove the need for an Airbnb Management company. Oh, and if you just want to try the App for yourself you can download a free version for 30 days.

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