Tips on Optimising your Airbnb short-term rental listing

9 October 2018 • Host News

Ever wondered how you can leapfrog your competitors up the listing rankings and start securing more bookings? Here is our guide to being top dog and maximising your revenue.

Step 1 Search Rankings

Airbnb use an algorithm to promote listings they rank as best meeting guests needs. Simply put, the more criteria your listing meets, the higher you will appear in the search rankings. Sounds mysterious? Well, yes it is, and the inner workings of their program still remain a closely guarded secret, however, there are some easy ways you can make the system work for you. First off, its Instant Book - turn this setting on and you will immediately be bumped up the search rankings. Airbnb say that an easy and instant booking experience is what guests want, and therefore hey presto, you’re rewarded by being boosted up the rankings. Clicks are king - if your listing is appealing enough to be clicked on by a guest looking to book, this immediately puts you in their good books and in turn helps with your visibility. Wishlist - This feature allows guests to save your listing for later and when your listing is saved to multiple lists will positively influence your position. Your listing will also be prioritised when guests return to the site the next time they are looking to book.

Step 2 Listing Optimisation

So encouraging clicks and being added to Wishlists can help your ranking, but how best to convince guests to view? Stunning photos are worth their weight in gold - the first visual impression of your listing is paramount. Get a professional set of photos taken and see your hit rate soar; this is the one thing that you can do to make sure you stand out from the crowd. The investment is worth it, and get them taken on a sunny day to really make your listing shine. Make sure the price is right - this is another easy way to make sure you make an appearance in user search results. Do your research, and be aware of seasonal variations or local events that can have an impact on pricing levels. Be patient, finding that sweet-spot will take some time, so keep at it and keep researching to stay ahead of the game.

Step 3 - Get top rated reviews

Awesome Guest experiences rule the roost and getting consistently amazing reviews will ensure clicks turn into a bookings. Here are our top tips on how to keep your guests happy: Manage Expectations - make sure your listing is as accurate as it can be, and if there are any known issues let your guests know in advance. Unexpected surprises for your guests will lead to less than perfect reviews. Keep your photos up to date - guests expect to see exactly what they have booked when they arrive so if anything changes within your property, make sure your photos capture it. Smooth stress-free check-ins mean happy guests - clear instructions, step by step guides and an easy check-in procedure will ensure all goes to plan. Airbnb requires premium listings (those on the Airbnb Plus programme) to offer guests a self check-in option, so keyboxes and smart locks are all a great option to consider. Offer added extras - extra special touches such as welcome hampers, laundry services or luggage storage can make all the difference, turning a good review into a great one. So there you have it, a few simple tips to take your listing and Airbnb management to the next level. If you want to learn more about how our powerful mobile app can help with your Airbnb management check out our features and download and use a full trial version of the App free for 30 days.

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