Do you want fries with that?

26 March 2019 • Host News

Every day we’re constantly being upsold goods and add on services that enhance our customer journey. Sometimes we know we are being upsold, sometimes not and sometimes we don’t know what we want until it’s offered.

Extra fries with your burger, extra legroom on a plane and a room upgrade with a sunset view all count. It happens every day, and as a host, upselling should be in your armoury when looking to maximise revenue. Here is our guide to the most common upsale requests for GuestHug hosts

Late Check Outs

This should be top of your list, as it’s the easiest win of them all. Every host has a check-out time and invariably guests will want to stay a little longer. If you don’t have back to back bookings or you know there is a late arrival for the next check-in you should be monetisng this just the same as hotels, and they can charge up to 50% of the nightly room rate.

Remember a late check-out means that standard cleaning and laundry rhythms  have to be rescheduled and turnaround timeframes squeezed to accommodate so guests will understand that reasonable add-on fee is justified.

Airport Transfers

Chances are you will either be able to provide this yourself or know which companies in your area provide the best service.

Either way, your guests will thank you for taking the time to arrange this for them, and as a bonus you should be making a modest margin for your efforts. In the end your guests will be the winners and will be thankful for the five star service.

Welcome Hamper

Champagne, local wine and local delicacies all are additional luxuries that can upgrade guest experiences from good to outstanding. After a long journey, your guests may want certain items waiting for them on arrival.

Our advice is to seek out the local specialities that you know are going to wow your guests. Remember, guests will be able to pre-order the items you offer directly through the GuestHug app as soon as it’s downloaded.


Do you know your local city inside out or know the secret walking trail through the forest? If so, your guests might want to recruit you as a local guide and have a guided tour. What you decide to charge is up to you, however, your guests will be sure that they are getting the insiders take on the area and will be eternally grateful.

Equipment Hire

Bikes, scooters, skiis, beach tents and baby equipment are not something your guests want to drag through airport security so have these on hand and for hire for your guests to lighten their load.

Mid-stay cleaning

Of course your guests will be expecting  your place to be spotless when they arrive, however, they may wish to have more regular turn downs or refreshes during their stay and this is an easy to deliver optional extra. Need help with your cleaning team? GuestHug have got you covered - simply go to the ‘Host Assist’ section of the app to access high quality on demand cleaning, laundry and maintenance support.  

Extra night’s stay

So your guests are having such a fantastic time that they request to stay an extra night - one option is to guide them back to the booking portal to add an extra night, however, both you and your guest will incur extra booking fees which no-one wants. GuestHug hosts can save on fees by offering extra nights through the in-app sales platform and everyone is a winner.

So there you have it, our top tips for boosting your margins and supecharging your guests’ experience which will keep them coming back and keep your reviews at the top of the pile.

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