Frequently Asked Questions By Hosts

What is GuestHug?
How is the App different for hosts and guests?
How do I download the GuestHug app?
How is GuestHug different from a booking portal?
How much does GuestHug cost?
What information do I need to upload into my GuestHug portal?
How does GuestHug help with calendar management?
How do my guests access my property information?
How does the GuestHug sales platform work?
What is ‘Host Assist’ and how can it help me with managing my short-let?
What does GuestHug do for Guests?
When I order a guest service through the App who is responsible for delivering the order?
How does GuestHug help with guest check-ins?
Does GuestHug have an in-App messaging service?
How do I import my bookings into GuestHug?

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